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As you can tell by the title it's a glitch. I haven't test it with every weapon in the game but it does work with Blades of Mercy, throwing knives, poison kn.. Hey everyone. After struggling to beat this boss for a long time during my BL4 run, I found some videos that showcased the cheese you will see during this cl..

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Second phase is a lot harder to cheese though. Not in my game cycle, trading brings me down real low on HP. I can backstab him with the Kirkhammer in two-handed mode but it's a lot harder than one-handed or using Ludwig's or Holy Moonlight Sword (one-handed). User Info: zedzilla. zedzilla 5 years ago #4 BlackSheepWalls 5 years ago #2. See boss isnt hard you just need to level up a little bit. Remember vicerals dont only scale with skill, they also scale with BL. The game is pretty easy if you level up accordingly. I recomment BL 400-500 for ng+ otherwise you are underleveled and i will lose Here is a strat for cheesing the Orphan of K... This is a 99 arcane build on NG+ using the Milkweed Rune for the Space Broccoli head (OR CAULIFLOWER, WHATEVER) Description. The orphan appears to be a Human/Great One offspring of the deceased Kos, the Orphan is a tall, skeletal humanoid. Its mouth is permanently fixed in a rictus grin and it constantly screams throughout the fight. A thin membrane is draped across its back like a cape, this transforms into a pair of wings when the Orphan enters its second. Kos Parasite . Strategy. The Orphan of Kos is a highly aggressive boss that is extremely mobile, especially in Phase 2, that can also utilize ranged attacks. Be prepared for great leaps and long range attacks. Stick to his left side (right for you). Mid range will be dangerous and hard to avoid attacks. Hugging his left is the place where you want to be. Circle him while attacking and quickly close any distance when he backs away. The second phase will make it easier as avoiding.

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Bloodborne's DLC is host to some of the game's grimmest horrors, including the animated remains of horrific human experiments and a literal river of blood. Though the first of the five DLC bosses, Ludwig (yes, that Ludwig), is more gruesome and brutal than anything encountered in the main game, even he cannot hold a candle to the challenge that lies at the end of the expansion: the Orphan of Kos. Neither Kin nor Beast, the Orphan is an unyielding and vindictive opponent with. I'm terrible at this game so if I can beat him on NG+ like this, so can you.SHAREfactory™https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_0 What is the best weapon for the orphan of Kos? I am trying to not cheese this fight. Currently I have the burial blade and Ludwig holy blade at level 10 but have enough to get any weapon to ten. With Ludwig's I'm only hurting him for like 500 a hit with it in great sword form, is there something more efficient? Unevolved they only deal like 300.

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  1. Fighting the Orphan of Kos in Bloodborne. Once you understand how exactly to dodge his attacks, fighting Kos becomes a war of attrition. Use your forward dodge to gain positional advantage and strike the gruesome enemy. After a well-timed dodge there is some variation in how you can attack the beast. One or two quick weapon strikes can be used to pepper the boss's large health pool. This is a.
  2. Boards. Bloodborne. Best build/weapon for Orphan of Kos? User Info: Ritalinfiend. Ritalinfiend 3 years ago #1. So I've played up to Orphan of Kos killing every other possible boss up to him with a variety of builds. Strength, Skill, arcane and bloodtinge based builds. I still haven't been able to kill him with any of my builds. This is so far.
  3. If you want to full cheese him, have a TON of arcane, stand at the back and Call from Beyond him to 0 or one or two hits away from death. When you finally run up to him and he starts moving he will auto into phase 2 and you can kill him. Edit: Looks like this may may have been patched. 2. Share. Report Save. level 1 · 6y. So funny, I used the same strategy and just beat him about an hour ago.

The Orphan of Kos is one of the most aggressive bosses in the game, particularly during the second phase of the battle. He is susceptible to interrupts and staggers during both phases, but landing them can be extremely difficult during Phase 2 due to his speed and highly unpredictable movements. He can swing his blade around him on an elastic tendon to strike at multiple ranges from a single. For Bloodborne on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Is there any NPC summon for Orphan?

Today, the BL4 Books project brings you the guide to the Orphan of Kos. While this fight might initially be anticipated with great anxiety. In reality, the fight is one of the easiest end game fights at BL4, if you are willing to exploit AI mechanics. To be clear, this guide will discuss how to link together a parry chain on the Orphan of Kos. The Orphan of Kos is possibly the toughest boss in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, rivaling Ludwig from the beginning. I recommend bringing a hard-hitting weapon like the Whirligig Saw or the Holy. The Orphan Glitch is a glitch in Bloodborne that allows the player to temporarily freeze Orphan's AI. The effect can be extended for the entire duration of the fight, making it a great strategy for the All Bosses route and for players struggling with the boss in general. The player simply backstabs or parries Orphan to cause it to become vulnerable. Kos Parasite Strategy. So Orphan of Kos won't immediately attack you once the boss fight begins, you have to walk up to him and the corpse of Kos before he'll turn around and attack you. The.

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