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Surviving Mars is a city builder from Haemimont Games, the makers of the venerable Tropico series. The goal is to build a self-sustainable colony on the surface of the Red Planet, one that can weather the elements and sustain human habitation Surviving Mars ist ein Computer-Strategiespiel aus dem Jahr 2018, das sich mit der Marskolonisation beschäftigt Surviving Mars is a city builder simulation game that takes place on Mars and is modeled after real Martian data. The player chooses a sponsoring nation, each conferring slightly different benefits and a unique building and vehicle, and then lands on Mars with robotic drones and rovers From Surviving Mars Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game. Creating an initial, self-sufficient colony. This guide is intended as a beginner's tour of the interface and mechanics in Surviving Mars. For more detailed information on the mechanics follow the links to the articles dedicated specifically to those. Surviving Mars Wiki Active Wikis Empire of Sin AoW: Planetfall Cities: Skylines Crusader Kings 3 Europa Universalis 4 Hearts of Iron 4 Imperator: Rome Prison Architect Stellaris Surviving Mars Surviving the Aftermat

Time: Surviving Mars is a real-time game without defined end point. You can play for as long as you like. The smallest unit of measurement is the hour. One day is divided into exactly 24 h, one work shift lasts precisely 8 h. One day is like the other, the game does not distinguish weeks, months, years or seasons! A day is calle RC Explorers can visit certain anomalies on the surface of Mars to obtain a boost to research output. RC Explorers also contribute 100 research points to the research generation directly once the Explorer AI technology has been researched. Multiple vehicles result in collaboration losses. Adding another vehicle results in diminishing returns for each additional vehicle. (i.e. a 2nd vehicle adds only 80 research points [20% reduction], a 3rd adds 60 research points [40% reduction.

Rival Colonies are Mars colonies founded by Sponsors which weren't selected as the player colony and compete for Milestones and Planetary Anomalies. Up to three Rival Colonies can be added. As Rival Colonies expand and develop their infrastructure their progress can be followed in the Planet View. The Colony has a Standing with each Rival Colony, ranging fro Mystery. From Surviving Mars Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This article has been verified for the current version (Evans) of the game. Mysteries are in-game storylines that usually contain a potentially harmful or alien element. Only one Mars and one Asteroid mystery may take place during a game The Martian Colony is made up of a variety of buildings which provide power, life-support, comfort, protection from the weather, information, resources and a lot more - all things without which humans cannot exist on the red planet

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  1. Research is divided into 5 categories. There are 19 technologies in each category divided into 4 Tiers. Technologies are randomized within Tiers. Breakthrough technologies are unlocked by exploring Anomalies. Sponsors Outsourcing Research Lab Genius Colonists Research technologies are randomized. Research costs are by slot, not by technology. Whatever technologies appear in the first two slots.
  2. ing a location for their colony. They can build domes and infrastructure, research new possibilities, and utilize drones to unlock more elaborate ways to shape and expand their settlement
  3. Stirling Generator is a Power building in Surviving Mars. Description [] Generates power. While closed the generator is protected from dust, but only produces 10 power. While open the generator produces 20 power. Strategy [] Click here to add a strategy! Stirling generators do not currently require maintenance while closed. This is good to reduce the needed materials over a long term
  4. With its mechanical simplicity and applicability to any point on Mars's surface, Water-Vapor Absorption Reactor technology can extract water directly from the Martian atmosphere. 1 Low-G Fung
  5. Basic Dome is a Domes building in Surviving Mars. Description [] A small Dome suitable for the early days of the Colony. Strategy [] Click here to add a strategy
  6. Surviving Mars has the following system requirements: Minimal [] OS: Windows 7 64-bit or newer, OSX 10.9 or newer, Ubuntu 14 x86 or newer; Processor: Dual-core CPU; Memory: 4 GB RAM; Graphics: Intel integrated video HD 4000 or higher with 1 GB of video RAM; Storage: 10 GB available space; Recommended [

ようこそ「Surviving Mars 攻略情報wiki」へ. Surviving Marsは 2018年3月15日 発売予定の都市育成シミュレーションゲームです。. 開発はブルガリアのHaemimont Games。. 販売はスウェーデンのParadox Interactive。. 対応プラットフォームはPC/Mac/Linux/PlayStation 4/Xbox One。. 公式日本語の対応予定はありませんが、 有志翻訳による日本語化Modが公開されています 。. 公式サイト Mars is infamous for its large and sometimes quite lengthy dust storms which raise so much dust that they can be seen with telescopes from Earth. While the wind speeds reached during these storms are not quite dangerous, taking into consideration that Mars's atmosphere is 1% of Earth's, the sheer amount of dust raised can knock field machinery out of order until fixed The tunnel entrance and exit can connect power and Life Support grids at different locations and different elevations. Rovers can travel along the tunnels to reach places they otherwise couldn't. The cost is for the entire Tunnel, which includes both placed ends. In order to build the Tunnel, players place one end at the desired starting point and the other end at the desired terminus. The. Windows Central. 8 10. PC Gamer. Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond. The era of colonization is over and a new age of exploration has begun. You've just scratched the surface of Mars, now get ready to go below and beyond ! Watch the Trailer. About the game. There will be challenges to overcome

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  1. With our improved understanding of the human brain we created Project Morpheus. The device uses a combination of psychosomatic triggers and suggestopedic methodology to stimulate the development of new traitsin adult colonists. This includes the trait Empath, unlocked via the Neural Empathy breakthrough
  2. Surviving Mars je simulace budování města, kterou původně vyvinulo bulharské studio Haemimont Games, později Abstraction Games a vydala společnost Paradox Interactive.Hra byla vydána 15. března 2018 pro operační systémy Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4 a Xbox One.Hráč v ní vystupuje v roli dozorce, který musí vybudovat kolonii na Marsu a tím zajistit přežití.
  3. One of six lines of Research available through the game Physics research is mostly of use in resource gathering and maintenance. Research is largely randomized as far as position in the track is concerned although the first five positions are consistently the same in a randomized order and the final Wonders are always last. Autonomous Sensors - Sensor Towers no longer require Power or.
  4. Victoria 3 - Sign up now! The journey begins, sign up now and get a special in-game item when the game is released. This is where you find the official Surviving Mars Wiki! Somebody really has to go through and put in accurate info on the mysteries. All thats there now is a little (incorrect) blurb on the cubes
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