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Background: As case reporting became more sophisticated and reports become lengthier, lawyers and judges began to include what is now known as jump, pinpoint, or pincite references in their citations to make it easier for the reader to find quoted material or specific discussion within a case. Early on, it became customary to indicate these specific references by adding the relevant page. Auld, 697 P.2d 220, 224 (Or. App. 1985). The case is located in 697 volume of the Pacific reporter and begins on page 220. The quote or idea that is being referenced (the pincite) is located on pg.

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pincite. See pinpoint citation under CITATION(3). Relevant Legal Terms. CITATION citation, n.1. A court-issued writ that commands a person to appear at a certain time and place to do something pinpoint citation The page on which a quotation or relevant passage appears, as opposed to the page on which a case or PINPOINT CITATION pinpoint citation. See CITATION(3). Post navigation. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English [] Noun []. pincite (plural pincites) pinpoint citation; a type of citation in which the exact page for certain information is provid -- Created using Powtoon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/youtube/ -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free..

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  2. A pincite may consist of a page range or multiple pages that are not consecutive. Does See generally need a Pincite? When using a see generally signal, a pincite is appropriate only where, upon reviewing the source, it appears that a more specific section(s) of the source would be helpful. For example, if pages 189-97 of an article.
  3. ology is a reference to a specific legal source, such as a constitution, a statute, a reported.
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If necessary to avoid confusion, use at before the pincite: H.R. Rep. No. 105-452, at 11 (1998). A span of multiple pages may be cited by giving the inclusive page numbers separated by either an en dash (-) or a hyphen (-) How To Read A Pincite. Last year both authors had the extreme privilege of serving our State by working for criminal law judges at the district level. While there, one author was able to teach one of the college interns how to use the old style legal citations. It is important as a individual to be able to find the cases you need without the use of Westlaw or Lexis Nexis. Many public librarie

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Casemaker Weekly - May 30th, 2018 - Pincites, Jurisidiction menu, and more Bluebook is the style guide for legal citations in the United States. Law students, lawyers, scholars, judges, and other professionals all rely on the Bluebook syntax Pinite definition, a micaceous mineral, similar in composition to muscovite, formed by chemical alteration of various other minerals. See more Make sure to delete the pincite 6. Click Mark All 7. Mark All does not always work, and it never works with id. so be sure to double check and mark any reference that has not been marked automatically. o Highlight the citation, click Mark Citation, select the short citation from the list, and then click Mark On a Mac: 5 On a PC: Tip: If you turn on formatting marks, as. Pincite (short for Pinpoint citation): used to indicate the exact page on which the cited material appears. Regional reporter: West's publication for state court decisions. The Bluebook requires citation to these reporters except where you are submitting a document to a state court. For more information on the regional reporter system, see Westlaw. Short form: citation form sometimes used.

To get a pincite, select the text you wish to cite, then click on Options for selected text... and choose the option Copy clip to clipboard A box with the citation text will pop up and allow you to use your browser to copy and paste it into your word processor. The pop-up allows you to choose to copy the text as a hyperlink, which will make your citation link back to Lexis Advance in your. Legal citation analysis. During a legal proceeding, a 'legal citation analysis' - i.e. using citation analysis technique for analyzing legal documents - facilitates the better understanding of the inter-related regulatory compliance documents by the exploration of the citations that connect provisions to other provisions within the same document or between different documents

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Cite the case name; the names of the parties, if any; the type of court document (such as preliminary objection, advisory opinion); the volume and name of the publication in which the decision is found; the page or case number; the pincite, if any, with preference for paragraph number when available; and the date Style Request - Harvard that suppresses pincite page numbers. williamcb. August 23, 2019 edited August 23, 2019. So I'm submitting a paper to the Royal Statistical Society, which says its style is Harvard. And looking at a sample issue, the inline references all omit a page number. But then, when I apply a Harvard style in Word, eg Sage - Harvard, the page number is included. So is there a. 5. Click on the star next to its name to add it to your Peer Journals folder. Repeat the process for the Yale Law Journal, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and the Columbia Law Review. These four law reviews compile The Bluebook. You should also repeat the process for your own law journal. 6

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